Do you want to attract more women into your company, improve staff retention and work towards changing perceptions about the construction industry? Inclusive Value is a free resource for employers and training providers in construction, supporting them to develop a happier and more inclusive workplace.

Develop a happier & more inclusive workplace

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Project Aims

What we aim to achieve
To increase the number of women entering and remaining with the construction industry
To create a more inclusive, flexible working environment within the construction industry
To support the industry in making a career in construction attractive to everyone

How could this benefit your company?

  • Free access to our digital workplace inclusivity tracker
  • Tailored company-specific inclusivity report highlighting strengths and weaknesses
  • Improved understanding of how to enhance workplace inclusivity
  • Find out how other companies in the sector are embedding good practice
  • Improved productivity and performance
  • A happier, committed workforce
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Kickstart and enhance your investment in inclusive workplace practices and culture to realise improved business performance and employee satisfaction.

This project is being delivered with the sole purpose of increasing the recruitment, retention and progression of women across the construction industry. The partners involved in this project have been engaged due to their expertise on gender equality in the labour market.

We understand and appreciate that women are not a homogenous group. We recognise that women can experience multiple discriminations related to their race, disability or sexuality and other characteristics, and as such all of our organisations take an intersectional approach in our analysis to ensure our activities are as fully representative and accessible as possible.

The data being gathered in this project is specifically on women in the construction sector. As the population of women is so low, we need to be mindful of anonymity of data responses, as such, only limited demographic data is being collected. However all of our work will encourage employers to pursue equality and diversity in the widest sense to create workplaces that are inclusive to all.

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